In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient client relationship management is paramount. ServeSpark simplifies this by seamlessly sending quotes and invoices while ensuring prompt payments. This article guides you through the steps to streamline the process with ServeSpark’s user-friendly CRM system.

Step 1: Accessing the Client Page

Click on the “CRM > Clients” tab located in the main navigation menu.

The client page will open, displaying a list of your clients. Here, you can manage various client-related tasks.

Step 2: Accessing Client Details

Now that you’re on the client page, locate the specific client for whom you want to send a quote or invoice. Follow these steps:

Find the client’s name in the list and click on the three dots located under the “Actions” section next to their name.

A dropdown menu will appear. Click on “View Client” to access the client’s details.

Step 3: Sending Invoices

Once you’re on the client’s page, you can proceed to send invoices. Here’s how:

Navigate to the “Invoices” tab within the client’s profile.

The invoices related to this client will be displayed. Find the invoice you want to send and click on the three dots located under the “Actions” section next to that specific invoice.

A list of options will appear. Select the “Send to Client” button to send the invoice to your client.


With ServeSpark, follow these steps for efficient quote and invoice management, alongside seamless payment collection. This streamlines your process, saving time and ensuring prompt invoice delivery, ultimately enhancing cash flow and client satisfaction. Experience the convenience of our CRM solution for client interactions and financial transactions today.